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Summer Golf in South Florida

Summer golf in South Florida can be compared to the hibernation of the North American Brown Bear. Like the Brown Bear, we see golfers disappear come the end of season. Yes, many golfers are transient and travel to and from summer and winter homes. However, there are 6.696 million people that live in South Florida. Let's pretend half of the residents live elsewhere in the summer. That leaves about 3.35 million in the summer (hypothetically). Now, google says that 9.6% of the population plays golf. So, hypothetically, there are 650,000 golfers in the summer market of South Florida golfers. There are approximately 250 golf courses in South Florida. So, with this hypothetically analysis of summer golf in South Florida (and if each of the 650,000 golfers in South Florida in summer played only once in 6 months), we can expect each course to average about 2600 rounds all summer.

Whew, that’s not enough to sustain golf in the area. Too many courses, too few golfers, not enough reason to play golf more than once in 6 months (here’s a clue, it’s real hot here) are all great reasons summer golf is tough on golf courses. So, why should people play golf in the summer in South Florida? Easy, it’s the cheapest way to play some of the best golf courses in the world. Plus, the growing season is at its peak in the summer so you assured to get great playing conditions. We have taken an aggressive position this summer. It’s our effort in lowering our prices to a point that competes with any of the reseller programs. We want our members and guests to find every reason to play our club in the summer. At The Club at Emerald Hills, you will find fast greens, a tour type layout, and an unbeatable price. Please see our reservation booking page for the lowest rates of all offers.

Author: The Club at Emerald Hills

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